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Hello December, Goodbye 2011

Posted on: December 6, 2011

I am so excited to start a new year even though I don’t have as much as some others to show for 2011. I feel different and I am ready to conquer new hurdles! Who knows, I might even consider going back to school 🙂 A girl can always dream, can’t she?

I usually feel the holildays as somewhat of a drag. Always having to be extra polite and what not. This year, however, I kind of feel like “who cares!” I’ve decided to just try to make myself happy. I will be taking that philosophy with me in 2012.

I’ve got some product reviews!!! 🙂
As you know, I am a BzzAgent 🙂 and have tested their Smarterer campaign. I was pleased and amused for a few minutes. Might not be completely my style but I did enjoy it. It’s essentially just fun quizes and tests to take on your down time to see how much of a certain thing/subject you know.

Also, I tested, reviewed and tested and reviewed Private Selection’s frozen foods line. I tried their frozen pizzas, appetizers and desserts. By far, my favorite was the desserts! Pizza was a bit soggy in the center, appetiers were good but the dessert was deeelicious! I definitely will be purchasing more.

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