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Apparently I have a very forgettable face. I’ve introduced myself to this one person in particular at least 3 times and she still can’t remember me. She not only can’t remember my name but she will start a conversation with “hey!!!! how are you!?” and then go on to ask “have we met before” with a very puzzled look on her face.

After the first time I reintroduced myself I thought ‘okay, that can happen. We don’t see each other that often’. Now I’m starting to get annoyed! We work together! different locations but I’m the one that mails your check out! You should remember me! hahaha

My solution for this: I am going to start giving out a weird name everytime she forgets me.
Here’s an example:
Her: Hey! How are you? …Have we met??
Me: No, I’m Felluligan Feinstimper. Nice to meet you!

Okay, that is all. I’ve got nothing more to share. Just wanted to vent. 😀


Over the holidays I got bored and decided to play around with some nail polishes and designs.

Here is an example at my amateur work.

I started with a pink base…

I then took my Sally Hansen art pen and drew some little hearts and stars. Ended with a clear top coat and voila!