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Thanksgiving is upon us and I for one fully enjoy this holiday. One of the main reasons is because I have no part in preparing/cooking the turkey. I am in charge of more delicate and much more important items, such as the mashed potatos and the rolls. hahaha All kidding aside, I do very much enjoy this holiday becuase it’s one of the few times where my entire family gets together (even if it is just for one meal). We have maybe 3 turkeys all of which are prepapred and cooked differently and by 3 different people. There’s ham, potatos, yams, corn, etc….and desserts galore! My favorite dessert being a home-made carrot cake with home-made creamcheese-style icing…it is spectacular! so spectacular it has it’s own nickname…sock-it-to-me icing! hahaha All that greatness and I don’t know the recipie 😦 I have never even been invited to the kitchen while it’s being made for fear of the recipie getting out. I still have hope that some day I will be handed down the recipie. I will be posting some pictures of our “Central American Style Turkey” and maybe the recipie to that 🙂

Being that this and the next few holidays are mostly family oriented, I completely dislike all this Black Friday nonsense. Why do corporations want to taint such great holidays and traditions? I just don’t get it. I for one refuse to partake in such nonsence but then again, I;ve never been fond of sleeping outside of a store to get a deal on a crockpot. I might be inclined to stand in a line for a reaaally good deal on a larga plasma TV but definitely not just to shop. I will be home spending time with my family. For those of you who will be attending; Good Luck!!

Lastly, I recently was offered a few samples of ‘The Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookie” for myself and for family and friends from and I just have to say, they were great! Definitely will be purchasing more of those (maybe even for Thanksgiving). The cookies can be found at Ralphs, Kroger and all of the Kroger fam stores. Check them out!

Bidding you farewell,
ME 🙂

Every few weeks my boss will walk into the office with some sort of Korean pastries. Usually these pastries contain red beans. I am allergic to red beans (yes i know, it’s a weird and lame allergy) and have told my boss this several times yet she insists on giving me food that contains my mortal enemy! haha The worst part is, she won’t tell me it contains red beans until I have tasted it. She’ll stand in front of me watching and once I take a nibble, she says very excited “it’s got red bean in it with other stuff”. I have found that after the 20-30 times that I have mentioned to her my allergy towards red beans I am exhausted and now I feel as though it’s just a waste of time and breath. I have simply come to the conclusion that my boss is simply trying to kill me. hahaha

Happy November!

Just thought I would give the blog thing another shot. Maybe this time I will be more successful! 😀
I have a few things in mind, wondering if you agree or disagree.

1. Halloween Costumes
What is with all the skimpy costumes? Am I the only one that finds this whole less-is-more idea irritating? It’s freezing outside!! Why on earth are all these ladies (and some younger girls as well) wearing the tiniest bits of cloth? Every Halloween party I attended this year was overflowing with these slutty costumes and every girl was shivering. I find the whole skimpy costume thing over and done with. Be skimpy for your man only. No need to show off your genitalia to the entire world, unless of course, that is your goal. What happened to all the creative costume ideas. i miss those days. Now even little 12 and 13 year old girls are wearing these outrageous costumes! Agree or disagree?

2. Couponing
Recently a friend/”extreme” couponer turned me onto this really cool couponing site that shares a lot of great deals and savings on different sites. I found that I spend more money than I have in the past when I go on a shopping trip with these coupons. I find that it bring out more temptation. LEt me explain a bit, before when I would go shopping, even for household items, I would only pick up the necessary items and only a necessary amount of each item (no stockpiling). Since beginning my “couponing journey” I noticed that I would pick up a couple of extra items that aren’t a necessity to me but are nice to have. Sometimes, even picking up 2 or 3 of the same product because of the coupons. Ex: instead of purchasing the one bottle of laundry detergent I would purchase pre-coupons, I now purchase 3 bottles of laundry detergent because there is a coupon for $2.00 off/3+ bottles. Therefore spending an extra $10-15 on items not completely necessary. Granted, I now have 2 extra bottles but the purchase wasn’t completely necessary. Useful? Definitely!…but not necessary.
I will justify a purchase (even on shoes!) with “well it’s on sale! I HAVE to purchase this”
So what i’m getting at is: Can coupons do more harm than good with certain people?

Thanks for reading!


hey there. my name is maddy. not much of a “blogger”. i sometimes update….well when i feel like it. it doesn’t happen often but i’ll work on changing that. so that is it for now. ’till next time….i leave you with the following

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